Discovering Top Of The Road Bike On The Market

In recent years, it can be said that the trend for using the bike rose highly. However, not all people know exactly what the best type of bike is sold nowadays. To deal with this question, we would like to invite all of you guys to review best road bike under 1500, especially Top Value Road Bikes, named BMX road bike

BMX Free Style road bike line has a pivot axis at the foot of mount attached to the front wheel, which helps the performers show their viability of a wheel. It is said that this is the line of road bike which is designed for supporting th performing these beautiful adventurous repertoire. Currently, this type of road bike is becoming more and more popular in Asia market, especially with the young generation.  However, one thing that not everyone knows is that BMX line is divided into 3 smaller lines and each serves the different purposes for performances.

The Traditional BMX Road Bike

This type of road bike is suitable for the purpose of racing or in the low terrace. Its tire is often designed with the grip, frame is as light as possible. The frame of the bike is very hard and the chain system is really strong. BMX traditional bike was born from the late 1960s which is derived from the motor exceeds stylized topographical lines. Bicycle line was launched with the aim of catering mainly for racing terrain beyond short, slalom performances or dance with bicycle

BMX Traditionally Have The Following Characteristics:

+ The size of the tire is about 20-24 inches, which is made up of the high grip, the equivalent of the line mountain bike.

+ The chassis as light as possible and usually made of carbon fiber or steel + chromium alloy. Aluminum is also applied to manufacture this type of rod bile due to the fact that its weight is relatively slight.

+ This one is quite popular with the horizontal steering wheel but nowadays, it is also added with the curved handlebars

The Free Style Road Bike

This device can be able to show the freestyle performances with bikes such as going up and down on the basin, or even in the obstacle. For this type, the chassis are big, strong. Tires have many edges but often unknown as traditional BMX line, wide tires and diverse systems

BMX Road Bike For Dancing

This is mainly used for taking the jump, as well as the obstacle course. It is designed with the large frame and most certainly, tires have large burrs which are equivalent to MTB strains. This type of road bike was born not long after traditional BMX lines. It can be said that the freestyle BMX line is mainly to mainly serve for the purpose of representation rather than race. With the ability to grip the road better, this model is suitable for performing the repertoire, such as walking on the difficult terrain (stairs, railing …), or slip on hollow terrain, or overcome obstacles stumbling

Features Of This Line

+ The chassis frame is designed with the big size to meet the needs expressed. Material is often used as an alloy or carbon steel

+ Wheel size 20 inches mostly, durable nylon tire yarn, with grip, but less well than the other BMX line.

+ There is mounted on the front wheel axle, with this axis, the operator can easily stand footed axis during performances.

BMX Road Bike For Dancing

This is the latest launched models, with a mix of two previous models. And the main purpose of this model is to “fly” from one point to another

Characteristics Of This Line

+ Chassis poleis really strong, but the volume was not as big as neither cars MBX free style BMX nor light as traditional, often made from carbon or alloy steel.

+ Often not use the front wheel brake that only the rear wheel brake

+ The pole spokes is quite small (about 13), but very strong rim, combined with extremely high grip tires, for best traction kinds of BMX

+ The common size of the tire for this one is about 24 inch.

The racing bike brake systems is typically used  both sides of the wheel shaft, but of the muddy road conditions, the system is not working well, so designed disc brakes are used more priority. Disc brake system provides high efficiency and adapt to various road conditions. There also appeared to add hydraulic braking system with very good braking performance and accuracy immediately.

Nick Soros has been many different road bike and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bike on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.

Introduction About The Balance Bike For Kids

The balance bike is now very popular to our families on the grounds that we often buy it for our children. However, not many people understand the features, functions as well as the structures of this bike. They just purchase the product as a trend merging. As a result, not many parents choose to buy good items. To purchase the best balance bike you can view more here and filter more information about this vehicle.

My son had his first balance bike last week and now he can ride down the slope very skillfully. Right from the start, he needed no help from us. Thanks to the bike’s good features, our kids can have safe experience. In this article, I will introduce to you all the things related to the balance bike so that you can choose a good one for your kids at home.

The Anatomy Of The Balance Bike

To apprehend why the balance bike is so popular and convenient, we need to anatomize its structure. As I have a lot of experiences in choosing to buy and testing balance bike, I will give you the parts you have to focus on.

The Hand Grips

Our kids will take control over the hand grips while they are riding this bike and of course, we have to test the grips to check its quality for our kids. It is very interesting that the hand grips of the balance bike has adjustable height.

In other words, one balance bike can be suitable for kids of different ages. If the hand grips are too high for our kids we can make the height decrease easily.

Frame Stability

The frame should be stable all the time in order to carry out our kids and avoid outer impacts when our kids are riding. The balance bikes often have aluminum frames which are durable and lightweight, which helps our kids ride more easily.

Smooth Seat

The seat of the balance bike is very smooth and comfortable for our kids. Therefore, we do not have to worry about any discomfort or inconvenient produced by the bike seat.

With the seat of a balance bike, we can absolutely adjust its height. We can even teach our kids to adjust the seat height with simple pushing the button. As you can see, using the bike and controlling it is very simple.

Steel Fork

Similar to the traditional bike, the balance bike also has a fork. The fork is often made of steel to reduce more worn – out. The steel fork helps to absorb the shocks from the roads.

In particular, when our kids ride the balance bike on rough roads, the bike will jump up and down more often and our kids may have to suffer from shocks and discomfort all along the roads without the fork.

Foot Brake

Unlike the traditional bike, the balance bike does not have hand – brake but it has foot brake which increases the convenience for riding. You know that the balance bike has no pedal so our kids’ legs will be free and they can us their feet to control the brake easily, especially when they are riding on the slope.

Front And Back Wheel

The balance bike has two wheels, one in the front and one in the back. The wheels are small and our kids can prevent riding at too high speed. The wheels are made of rubber. The small design allows the wheels run fast but it cannot run far. So the safety for our children is increased.

More specific, if the wheels are large, our kids will have more severe wounds when they fall down on the grounds that the wheels go far for each round. The design of the balance bike is perfect.

Bottom Line

It is clear that understanding all the things about the balance bike will help us more confident in terms of choosing to buy. When it comes to purchasing a balance bike, we need to understand the product and understand our children, too. Therefore, a lot of people find it difficult to select. However, I believe that the information I share in this article will be helpful for you all.

I’m Megan P. Richardson, I’m here to help you choose the best balance bike for your children. I hope that bikes will always go with your child till grow up.

One of the Most Popular Outdoor Activities- Bicycle Touring

There are so many ways to enjoy fresh air in warm spring days, but bicycling is considered as one of the most enjoyable and active ways to spend your time. According to the latest research, travelling by bicycle brings a ton of benefits such as calorie burning, stress relief, health improvement.

And now many people combine their two favorite activities: traveling and bicycling as one exciting activity which is bicycle touring. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities nowadays.

A studies in 2009 pointed out that there are about 7 million people love bicycle touring all over the world. And this number is increasing gradually. So what is bicycle touring? There are so many definition of bicycle touring but the common definition of bicycle touring is that it is the act of riding a bicycle for a long time: days, weeks, months or even for years to travel a long distances across cities, countries.

There are thousands of people of different countries in all ages, income love travelling by bike. And today, in my writing, I will give you some interesting information of this favorable activities.

Things Must Be Considered Before Bicycle Touring Trip

Following are some things that you should take in to consideration before a bicycle touring trip. The first one is the types of bicycle built for your trip. This is depending on how far you tour is.

The next one is the gear you need to travel for days, weeks or for months. And you must draw out a safe and scenic detailed bicycling touring route. Last but not need is some essential medicine.

Types of Bicycle Touring

There are so many different types of bicycle for touring on the market nowadays. But people categorized it based on the travelling distance. A short tour last over a few days may covers as about 300 kilometers while the long trip may be across states, country or even all around the world.

Following are some main kinds of bicycle touring

Lightweight touring

People usually call this kind of touring is credit card touring or money touring as the traveler carries only a little of equipment but money, a lot of money. These money are spend on overnight accommodation as hotels, hostels or even pensions. The traveler will have meal at the cafes or restaurant.

Ultralight touring

Apart from the credit card touring, this ultralight touring is a kind of bicycle touring which the tourist just carries bare essential things with no frills. They are self-sufficient and this type of bicycle touring requires a lot of techniques and experience.

Fully loaded touring

This type of bicycle touring is a self-supported touring which means the rider has to carry all the thing they need including food, tent, medicine and even cooking equipment.

Expedition touring

In this kind of bicycle touring, the travelers often travel across countries, through remote areas. As a consequence, their bikes are full of food, spares, tools and things that need for a long trip. The riders are self-supported.

Supported touring

Motor vehicle are supported riders in this type of bicycle touring. They carries most equipment and essentials for the riders. This is often carried out by group of riders or commercial companies.

These companies sell things on the tours such as luggage transfer, route planning, meals or even bikes. In this kind of bicycle touring, every detail is addressed. They provide all basic services in the route which are very convenient and low hassle. However, it is quite expensive and you cannot choose your partners.

Threats May Happened on Bicycle Tour


When cyclists travel through cities, the car and truck traffic can be a danger which make the rout uncomfortable. To prevent these problem, the riders must draw out a secondary road route plan.

Road Hazards

There are many potential problem during the trips related to the road such as narrow tunnels, busy roads, constructions zone or roads that have animals.

If you are thinking of having a bicycle touring trip, do be hesitate. You will find out that when you leave the cities with packs of vehicle, traffic jam and dust, you will find a whole new world with greener land, bluer sky and bigger vistas.

Bicycling Tour For Riders – What Do You Need To Know

If you are an enthusiastic and active person who love spending time taking part in outdoor activities and trying new things, how about getting on a cycling tour to somewhere far away? Normally people would choose to travel by motorbike, car, train and plane, but have you ever thought of giving your bike a try for a far distance trip?

This would be an adventurous trip with exciting and wonderful discovery yet very environmental-friendly. Can you imagine the cool breeze blowing on your face and your legs cycle through road passing endless green paddy field while you are busy admiring the crystal blue sky?

How fun will it be when you can gather a group of cyclists to join and the whole group can share funny moments as well as building unforgettable memories? If you are still reluctant about taking on a far distance cycling trip, then you have come to the right place because I will provide you with basic information and advice on how to start a cycling tour by bike.

Getting A Good Quality Bike

Why Should You Buy A New And Good Quality Bike

When you have made up your mind on taking on a long distance cycling trip, you need to clearly know that your bike plays a crucial role for your trip. Thus, it is advisory that you can get your own bike, a good quality one indeed because borrowed or rented bike can be very troubling and costing when you need to repair or replace it.

Investing in buying a quality bike is actually a wise decision and even if you have already had a bike, you still need to assess it first to see whether it is suitable for long distance riding, or it is in good condition or not. But I still recommend you to buy a new and quality one that is designed specifically to serve the purpose of long distance riding.

Some Tips For Bike Choosing

Here are some tips for this part: the bike frame should be taken into careful consideration, for example if you choose the option of touring on credit card and using motel as accommodation then you should choose a light bike frame, but if you want to go for camping cycling tour then it is recommended that your bike has sturdy steel frame to withstand the serve weather.

In case you have decided to stick with your old bike then I advise you to bring it for a full check by a professional to see if is need to replace or repair some parts.

Training Your Health And Prepare Yourself Well

Some Factors Affecting The Cycling Trip

Taking on a trip that requires constant riding as well as facing hardship and challenges along the way like serve weather, wet, mud, not to mention exhaustion and falls. Thus in order to start a not-so-easy-going trip like that you need to prepare yourself well both in terms of physical health and mental health.

Your cycling trip is a success or not depend on many factors like accommodation, food, weather, finance, but most important you need to prepare yourself to confront such hardship on the way. In this part, I will share with you some advices on how to do be well prepare for it.

Preparing Yourself Physically

First you need to aim for physical training, but you don’t have to go big yet it is simple that you just need to take exercise of riding short distances daily or at least 5 to 6 days a week.

You should also combine this light riding exercise with treadmill running, by this way you can both achieve leg muscles training and weight loss which will create an advantage when riding as the heavier you are the more difficult it is to constantly ride for long distance.

Preparing Yourself Mentally

Preparing yourself mentally is also a big part of every long cycling trip, you can get empower using positive statement, or get determination from using visual map to picture the destination you are going to reach.

It is not embarrassing to keep repeating to yourself “You can do it! Just do it!” this strong determination will help you continue your long and probably exhausting trip although you are aching and wanting to quit.


What Should You Prepare For A Long Distance Cycling Trip

Have you ever thought of the idea of travelling a long distance trip but now by motorbike, car, train, or plane but by a very simple and familiar means of transportation that you use daily – your bicycle. This idea may seem quite strange at first as you probably don’t consider it a realistic plan. How can someone travel the whole long distance by riding on a bike?

Isn’t it energy-consuming, dangerous or even crazy to waste time and effort cycling a certain distance while you can go just the same by driving motorbike, car, or going by train with just half of the time and obviously less needed effort? However, this is actually a thing that has done by many people and even for more thrilling and adventuring feeling for example cycling across the country.

The precedent evidence of such cyclist shows that riding bike for long distance is possible and can bring so much fun if you can gather a group to travel with you. Thus this post is presented to you for equipping you with the necessary preparation for a cycling trip.

The Importance Of Buying A Specialized Bike For Your Trip

Since this will be a long and likely to be an exhausting trip with pain and aches that can discourage you in the road to your destination, you need to prepare the most important tool for this cycling trip – a specialized bike for long distance travelling or touring.

Some people might say that you can rent at sport stores or simply borrow from friends but those decisions can post such unavoidable issue like breaking or damaging along the way, which will result in paying cost to repair for such damages. This can be much costlier than investing a good quality bicycle for yourself that you can have full right of how to use it.

Even when you insist in using your old bike, it is advisory that you can have it checked by professional at bike store. By this way, the expert can detect whether the old bike is good enough for constant riding long distance, or how much life it has left and whether it can withstand the hardship of the journey.

Some Advices For Buying Bike For Long Distance Cycling

When making purchasing decision for specialized bike for long distance travelling, it is essential that you can have a clear picture in mind of what is required and how can the bike meet your demand and need for the trip.

Regarding the option of how to choose bike frame, if you aim to rely on your credit card and using motel as accommodation you can easily go with the decision of choosing light frame bike.

However, if you want to stick with camping along the way to avoid the challenges of finding accommodation and enjoy the convenience of setting up to sleep wherever you want, you need to go for sturdy steel frame so that it can endure the horrible weather when bring put outside.

How To Prepare For Backpacking

It is advisory that you can prepare well for your backpack as it will the source for your survival on the road, the supply for food, drink and other necessities for example tools for fixing, maps, compass, flashlight and clothes.

Food is essential for providing energy which requires you to use for such high intense activity like constant cycling under weather, so I recommend you to bring with you dry and energy-rich food that won’t spoil easily such energy bar, seeds, nuts and tinned food for longer preservation.

But if you want to bring fresh sandwiches, you will need to wrap them carefully and put in cool container for preserving and keeping them fresh. Dry food like energy bars, nuts, seeds are recommended for you in order to assist you with high energy food supply.

Planning For A Long Distance Bicycling Trip

Bike riding is a fun and environment-friendly activity that can bring health benefits to all people at all ages. Children should be encouraged to engage in outdoor activities, bicycling for example in order to contribute to their physical and mental development while elderly can consider cycling a good way to maintain health and well-beings, avoid disease and improving vascular system.

In this post, I will introduce to you a type of cycling activity that is totally different from any other common seen activities, that is long distance traveling by bike. This is actually a very good way to both engage yourself to be closer to the nature, to visit places without the concerning of causing harm for the environment.

You are welcomed to gather group of people to join your long distance cycling trip, but you need to well prepare both in terms of necessary tools such as bike, clothes, backpack…and health training in advance. Thus this article can come in very handy as you will learn how to plan for such trip and know some tips for better preparation.

How To Pack For Your Long Distance Cycling Trip

Knowing how to prepare the backpack for your trip is very important as you will rely on your it a lot later on for supply of food, drink, and other essential stuff like map, flashlight, etc.

Besides backpack on your shoulders, you will need to have some panniers for bike which are the side bags that cling to your bike. Those bags serve as storage bags in order to hold necessary things you need to your trip. Followings are the list of things I recommend that you should bring.

How To Pack Food

It is essential that you know what type of food you should bring for the cycling trip as you will need energy to keep constant cycling but the food also need last long or well-preserved. Therefore, you should choose tinned food because it won’t spoil easily.

It is also a good idea to buy food on the way so keep cash with you and you can even pick food along the way for example berries on roadside but remember to check that those are edible, not some kind of stray or poisonous fruits. And here is also a notice for you, don’t pick food from farms as many farmers offer cheap food sale at their doors.

How To Pack Drink

Constant cycling means that your body face continuous stress of using energy for moving muscle in many legs, thighs, feet, shoulders which will drain energy and leads to hydration easily if you are provided with fresh water.

Therefore, it is important that you can bring with you as much water supply as you can to prepare for the body liquid loss when cycling. About eight bottles of water are ideal for the trip, don’t freak out if it seems too much for you as you will need a considerable amount of water later on.

How To Choose Clothes For Cycling Trip

When riding on long distance trip like this it is recommended that you can choose comfortable clothes but they also need to serve as protection in case you fall which is a common thing for cycling constantly on long distance.

So here is my advice for choosing clothes: they need to be padded so that you can be protected if you fall from the bike, if can you need to go for short clothes like T-shirt and short pants so that you can feel flexible for cycling, and lastly and most important the clothes need to be reflective or in bright colour to ensure that you are recognized on the road by other vehicles .

3 Basic Principles When Traveling By Bicycle

Today, riding bike is the kind of sports favored by a lot of people, especially the youth. Only with the bike, you can go in any time you want, easily find a parking place, quickly cross crowd streets when you travel through hustle and bustle urban.

Also you can keep your body in shape without spending too much on maintaining cost, or physical exercise expenses. Most of all, you will have new experiences when riding along fields, cities, country sides and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Safety Is Foremost

Biking is not as safe as you think. Although bicycle is slower than motorbike or car, but due to its small size, it is susceptible to be out of sight, which can make you vulnerable when traveling on highway or on the junction of a main road. For that reason, safety should be the first thing you need to pay attention if you want to try this new experience.

Before taking your trip, you should check carefully your bike and its associated equipment. It should be noted whether the helmet fits your head or there is any vision problem, whether all parts of the bike are performing well (brakes should be responsive, wheel spinning is not skewed, …) or if there is any necessary part for vehicles uninstalled. For example, reflector lamp should be mounted on the front wheel or in the front of your helmet when riding bike in the dark, so that opposite vehicles can see you clearer.

Reviewing your planned route is essential step to keep safe. Checking the weather and surrounding conditions for the trip will help you avoid unnecessary accidents. For example, when you know well the route, you can predict traffic and understand important rules when traveling on the road to keep you away from the unsafe factors.

Bring Some Necessary ID, Phone And A Reasonable Amount Of Money

These items are really important in some situations. Imagine you have just had an accident and there is no one on the road, you are injured and need to contact with your relatives?

Use the phone to call for help or use money and personal papers to ensure your hospitalization and treatment easier. In some serious case such as missing or life-threaten situations, these items may lead the authorities to find and rescue you.

Snacks And Water Are The Must

Losing energy and water will negatively affect your body and your trip

Riding bike also consumes a lot of energy, from hundreds to thousands of calories. Your feet will be numb, and all motivations of continuing your trip will go away. To avoid hypoglycemia or energy shortages, bring the energy-rich and healthy snacks. You can bring some fruits such as bananas, apples fried food, peanut butter, bread.

Keeping water for your body during the trip is even more important than loading energy. In dehydrating process, blood concentration becomes thicker, which increases heart rate and weakens your body. So don’t forget to drink water regularly to avoid this phenomenon.